Fletch is Back – Alright!

3 Jul

Yes I did just sing, “Fletch is Back – Alright” to the tune of Backstreet Boys.  And I bet you just did too.  Don’t even pretend you haven’t heard the song and if you seriously do not remember, click here to watch the video.  Be sure to throw them hands up in the airrrr and wave ’em around like you just don’t care…ok, I’ll stop now.

Whew, Fletch IS back.

If you refer to previous posts, you’ll notice the brief hiccup I encountered a week ago.  And I definitely wasn’t feeling last Thursday’s WOD either.  I just felt so tired and weak.  Thank God, I felt good today!  I felt strong and motivated.  Tonight’s workout was a partner WOD and I had a super partner tonight.  No surprise her name is Stephanie, too.  In the box, I’m “Fletch” and she’s “Steph” – nicknames dubbed by Josh.

Let’s all remember it isn’t the quantity – it’s the quality.  Ahem, I hope you’re reading Steph.  And let’s all remember to not compare ourselves to others – compare you to you.  I know this is super hard.  Believe me, I’m no expert – shall I reference my earlier posts, again?!?!  Truth is, speaking it helps me stick to it.  It becomes a reminder for me.  My sister-in-law reminded me of this on Saturday and she’s right – I need to compare me to me.  Try logging your progress so you can actually witness your accomplishments!

And if you aren’t sick of CrossFit by now, I’m going to talk about it some more.  Ha!  {I’m totally sticking my tongue out right now.}  I mean, after all this is a blog about a couch potato turned CrossFitter.  🙂  Anyway, back to the blog…this is obviously going to be a shout out…but I love my 6:30 class.  I can’t imagine working out at a different time.  We all push one another, cheer each other on – heck, we even cry together.  If you see someone struggling, cheer them on.  Tell them they CAN do it.

Ok, that’s enough.  I’m signing off now.  I hope you all have a wonderful day.


5 Responses to “Fletch is Back – Alright!”

  1. The Writer Gal July 3, 2012 at 7:35 am #

    Fletch didn’t really go anywhere. She was just taking a short rest. 🙂 And, even though I’m almost ashamed to admit this…I have “Backstreet’s Back” on my iPod under my “60-Minute Walk” Library. Help me! 😉 Go, Fletch!

    • sfletcher81 July 3, 2012 at 2:50 pm #

      That’s right, Lori. She was taking a short rest. My friend, Anna, was a BSB freak!

  2. Amy July 3, 2012 at 8:52 am #

    Now, I will be singing Backstreet back – ALRIGHT, ALL DAY LONG 🙂
    Even gonna wave my hands up in the airrrrr:)

  3. stephanie perdue July 3, 2012 at 7:55 pm #

    Thank you again friend!

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