23 Jul

I put together a playlist for my iPod specifically for my first 5k in October 2011.  One of my favorite songs to run to is “Somebody” by Bridgit Mendler.  Yeah yeah yeah, Bridgit Mendler plays on Good Luck Charlie, which is on the Disney Channel – but the song is great.  I can remember listening to the song while running the 5k and the way I felt as I crossed the finish line.  I couldn’t help but to fight the tears.

During this time in my life, I had no pride – but I wanted it.  I wanted to feel proud of myself.  So for me, this song sort of outlined the battle I had with myself.  Part of me knew that I deserved something better:  to feel proud and to be healthy, but the other part kept interfering and prevented me from reaching those dreams…

I thought I would share a few lines of the song with you.


Can you see me?

Cause I’m right here

Can you listen?

Cause I’ve been trying to make you notice

What it would mean to me

to feel like somebody

We’ve been on our way to nowhere

Tried so hard to get there

We’re gonna let it show

We’re gonna let go of everything

Holding back our dreams

And try,

to make it come alive

Come on let it shine so they can see

We were meant to be,


Somehow, someday, someway


I’m so tired

of being invisible

but I feel it

Like a fire below the surface

trying to set me free

But inside of me

Cause we’re standing on the edge now

it’s a long way down

We will walk out of this darkness

feel the spot light glowing like a yellow sun,

and then we fall, we fall together

till we get back up and we will rise as one….

I finally “walked out of the darkness” and I’m pursuing my dream of being healthy.  I seriously never thought I would be here, which is why I constantly take pictures of the “new me.”  I still walk past the mirror, stop and look, and think – wow, this is me?  I am almost the same size I was 7 years ago, but my mind is different.  I want to be healthy and strong.  I have a whole new incentive for continuing my “dream.”


3 Responses to “Inspire.”

  1. 100 to 50 and Getting Better July 23, 2012 at 2:57 pm #

    That’s good Steph. Healthy body and mind. Never give up, till you given your all. You can do!

  2. 100 to 50 and Getting Better July 23, 2012 at 3:02 pm #

    Have you seen Facing the Giants? I just saw this clip off of You Tube. It’s good. Fits CrossFit so well. Check it out.

    • sfletcher81 July 23, 2012 at 9:41 pm #

      Wow, that does fit CrossFit! Thanks for sharing, Rich!

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