24 Jul

This post is for me and all you other ladies struggling with self-image.   I had a conversation with some ladies at work a week or so ago.  I literally had to ask my friends if they still considered me fitting into the “fat category.”  And what I mean by the fat category is when people pass by me…do they say to themselves, “Man, that “fat girl” shouldn’t be wearing that.”  I know this seems insane to even think, but believe me – women struggle with self-image and the way others perceive them.

So anyway, I still mentally feel like a “fat girl.”  I know that seems strange, but let me explain.  I have been overweight now for about 6 years.  Since December 2011, I’ve been doing CrossFit and have lost over 19.40 inches, 4 pant sizes and 31 pounds…I’m a freaking size 12 now!  But, my mind is still telling me that I’m overweight and fat.

Slowly, I am becoming more comfortable in my own skin.  Pictures help because I can actually compare the difference:  before vs after.  Like I’ve said before, I am competing with myself:  old Steph vs. new Steph.  Grrrr!  I refuse to let old Steph win, but it’s a freaking battle.

I have conquered so much this year.  I have no doubt that I’ll reach my goals.  Thanks to all of you…who stand by me and cheer me on.  It’s amazing to have support from so many people.  I just hope that I support y’all just the same.

Well, time to sign off – I’ve gotta go make that ‘banging’ dressing I talked about yesterday.  😉


4 Responses to “Self-Image…”

  1. changesnextexit July 24, 2012 at 9:47 pm #

    I completly know what you mean when you still think of yourself as the “fat girl”. I do too. It’s so hard to change the mental image of what you have in your head. I lost 86 pounds and still see myself as “fat”. I did however gain some back and am struggling now, but I’m still working at loving myself.

    • sfletcher81 July 25, 2012 at 10:43 pm #

      Wow, 86 pounds?? That is awesome! Congrats to you!!!!!!

      Let’s both make a commitment to actively trying to push those negative feelings of being the “fat girl” out of our minds. I know it will be tough, but losing weight is probably tougher!

  2. lambsauce July 25, 2012 at 6:01 am #

    Hey Steph! I’ve lost 30 lbs and can’t tell the difference at all. I hate to ask anyone because it feels to me like “ohh, look at me, I’m awesome” when really its just that I start to think I’m nuts. Hah. Anyway, I know how you feel – guys get judged too. I didn’t really think about it until I was put in charge of a team of 4 gorgeous early twenty something’s and they started telling me about the boys in their lives and I was privy to their chatter during the day. Man, that’s a lot of talk about boys! Who knew?

    I love readin your blog! Keep at it and one day you won’t even think about “old Steph” anymore!

    • sfletcher81 July 25, 2012 at 10:41 pm #

      Thank you! I can’t wait for “old
      Steph” to disappear.

      And keep on keepin’ on!! Don’t be afraid to ask others about your weight loss. What you are doing is amazing and is hard work! You deserve to be noticed!

      Congrats on dropping 30 pounds! Here’s to the next 30! You CAN do it!

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