Judgemental Folks

14 Aug

I read a post today from a mutual “like” on Facebook.  I have to admit I was extremely bothered by the nature of the post.  Here’s the deal and I’m going to be real blunt.  I cannot stand judgemental folks.  I cannot stand people who stereotype others.  Ticks me off.  Guess what?  No two people are ever going to be the same – we are made to be different:  to have our own opinions and beliefs.  Thank God, right?  How boring would it be if we were all the same?

I’ll give you a few of scenarios that tick me off:

Making fun of people at the gym.  I mean really??  Are you going to go there?  In my Bernie Mac voice, I WISH someone would make fun of me working out.  I wish somebody would.  Thankfully, at RRCF – no one makes fun of anyone in a hurtful way.  And I hope that never changes.  I love the fact I can walk into the box with like-minded people like me – people who are there to work out and strive to be healthy.  The day that changes will be a sad sad day.

The next two are far more serious than being made fun of at the gym, but the post on Facebook was relative to making fun of other women at the gym.  Making fun of women for wearing make up, revealing clothing, the weight they use or wearing their hair a certain way.  Burns me up!!  Anywhoooo, back to the post.

Narrow-minded folks that cannot deal with “inter-racial” relationships.  Big issue here.  What makes one race better than the other?  Hmmm?  Please tell me cause I’d like to know.  This one hits pretty close to home.  There’s no reason to “disown” a family member because they fell in love beyond the color of skin.  And again, I’m going to be blunt.  We can’t deal with white and black folks together, but we can deal with other races being together (i.e., whites, hispanics, asians, indian, etc.)?  I just don’t get it.

Another narrow-minded group that cannot deal with homosexuals.  Another big issue.  If my son came to me and told me he was gay – guess what?  I’d still love him.  Nothing will keep me from loving my son.

What makes us this way?  What makes you think YOUR stuff don’t stink?  Please enlighten me.


One Response to “Judgemental Folks”

  1. Shonnie August 15, 2012 at 8:29 pm #

    🙂 guess I missed that FB post … so glad I did. I was the brunt of such nastiness

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