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13 Aug

Last week, I took a much-needed break and headed to Point Clear for a family vacation.  I ate bad, didn’t exercise, read 5 books and I LOVED every single minute of it.  By the time this dreaded Monday morning rolled around, I was surprisingly ready to get back on track with eating right and hitting the box.

Oh and did I mention that school started today?  Yes, I work full-time and attend Troy University and let’s not forget I’m also a wife and mother.  I’m finally a junior/senior and my expected date of graduation is December 2013.  Thankfully, my classes are online so I can still get my CrossFit on after work.

Today was an interesting night at the box.  RRCF often celebrates birthdays of CrossFitters at the box.  Today happens to be Kelli’s birthday.  I am always nervous before I hit the box and my work out partner, Steph is usually nervous too.  Welllll, tonight Steph walked in wired on Spark.  Hence, her new nickname – Sparky.  Sparky was dropping it like it’s hot during our squats and barking during the lunges.  Needless to say, I had lots of fun tonight.  I have determined every night needs to be a spark night.

Thanks for all the laughs tonight, Sparky.

Advocare – First 10 Down!

23 Jul

Update:  I have completed the first 10 days of Advocare’s 24 day challenge.  I’m finally down 30 pounds.  It is still unbelievable that I’ve only lost 30 pounds – seems like I’ve lost more.  I suppose it’s because I’m building muscle in CrossFit.  Next goal, size 10 jeans!

I am now taking the MNS packets and I have lots of energy during my WODs.  I give it so much that I’m about dead afterwards.  Most Mondays, I go grocery shopping after CrossFit.  I’m sure the people in Publix think I am a weirdo.  Sometimes I feel as though I need a disclaimer:  Yes, I do CrossFit and yes I am exhausted.

Here’s to the last phase of the challenge!



12 Jul

I postponed my start day of the 24 Day Challenge from today until tomorrow.

I was unable to prepare properly yesterday and for the challenge it is good to prepare for meals ahead, especially for the first 10 days. I stopped by the store after tonight’s WOD to pick up a few things. Tomorrow’s meal will consist of chicken breast, peppers, squash and zucchini.

I have also decided to track my weight on day 1 then again on day 10. I’m hoping lose at least 5-7 pounds in the first 10 days.

Here’s to a successful 24 Day Challenge!

24-Day Challenge

10 Jul

May the countdown begin!  I’ll start Advocare’s 24-day Challenge on Thursday.  I will make daily updates for the entire 24 days.  Stay tuned!