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CrossFit Family

4 Sep

I showed up at CrossFit tonight not feeling well and definitely not feeling the WOD.


Tonight’s WOD:

800 meter run

5 Rounds of 20 Thrusters and 20 Burpees; 40 minute cap

I completed three rounds and was on my fourth round of thrusters.  During the last two minutes, the entire 6:30 class was cheering me on to give all that I had left.  I cannot help but to get emotional.  The reason I get so emotional:  women and men that finished the WOD and stuck around to cheer me on – to cheer on the Fletch who started CrossFit over 200 pounds with low self-esteem, no confidence and no willpower to stick with anything physical.

I cannot explain to you how it feels to have so much support.  At the Color Run, the CrossFitters found each other…we can’t help it.  We’re a family.

A CrossFit family…