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13 Jul

Last night’s WOD was prefaced with a 20 minute skill session: Hand Stand Push Ups (HSPU) and Double Unders. Let me just tell you that I’m afraid of HSPU’s and it isn’t because of the difficulty, but because I’m upside down. When I was a kid, I felt no fear except for haunted houses and rollercoasters. I rode bikes with no hands, tried rollerblading down a small hill (my best friend, Emily, had to slow me down because I was headed for a crash), riding a skateboard down hills (of course, while sitting on the skateboard), but now that I am older I can process and UNDERSTAND what happens when you fall on your head, etc.

Once again, my mind is controlling my confidence and ability…

Josh understood my panic and set me up with my own safety harness, which consisted of two of the green bands connected to the pull up bar. He demonstrated for me, but that still didn’t soothe my fear. I tried it, with Josh’s assistance, and got the initial “freaking out” behind me, but I was still scared. I attempted to “donkey kick” up without my harness and failed, but Josh assisted me once more to an actual handstand. I was able to hold it in that position, but not for long. I am unsure of what it will take to soothe my fear with HSPUs, but I’m going to try.


The WOD was killer, again. Surprised? Well, you shouldn’t be.


July 12, 2012

Every minute…on the minute…for 12 minutes…

5 Kettle Bell Power Swings (I used a 44 pound Kettle Bell)

5 Power Push Ups

10 Lunge Jumps (I ended up doing 8 squats)


Even the “smallest” of WODs will surprise you! I believe our entire 6:30 class (all women) were grunting to power that Kettle Bell.

Whatever it takes, right??