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Did you drink the kool-aid?

17 Jan

Just about right, huh?

CrossFit Problems!


CF Cult

You’re the reason I get up…

14 Jan

True or False?!?!?!

CrossFit Problems!!


Reason to get up

The Aftermath.

13 Jan

Yup, this is about how I felt after the Ravage kickoff on Saturday.  Ha!

CrossFit Problems!


CF Workout

That Bar Doesn’t Deserve You…

9 Jan

Ladies, is this a CrossFit problem?!?!?  😉

Ryan Gosling

This one time at…

28 Dec

How many of you CrossFitters can’t go a day without talking about CrossFit??? 

I know that I can’t…I’m sure my friends, who don’t do CrossFit, get tired of it.

Until you become a CrossFitter, you probably will not understand.

CrossFit Problems!!!!



11 Nov

…it has been awhile since I’ve posted.  My apologies.  Things have busy and I haven’t really been feeling inspired lately.  I have got to get out of this funk that I’m in.  I can’t get my mind right, which is interfering with my workouts and school.  Ugh.  One thing that is different though, which is a HUGE improvement is that I’m still showing up for the WODs.  The Stephanie in the past would have quit by now and went back to the same old crap of being lazy and eating/cooking anything her little heart desired.  Enough about all this, let’s move onto the updates.

Update 1:  Barbells for Boobs.  I was pretty nervous.  I’m not exactly sure why, but I was.  A group of ladies from work came to the box to support me, which was amazing.  🙂  I completed the 30 clean and jerks at 75 pounds in 5 minutes and 20 seconds.  I set a personal record that day and our box raised over $2,000!!!  Yippppeeee!

Barbells for Boobs at RRCF

Strong Ta-Ta’s.

Clean and Jerk at 75 Pounds

Update 2:  Halloween Bash at RRCF.  Lauren, Wes and I threw a Halloween Bash at the box.  It was a whole lotta fun.  I showed off some of my awesome dance moves, you know the MC Hammer, lawnmower, grocery cart and many others.  Ha!

Lauren as Sophia Grace, me as La Sarah and Wes as Ellen Degeneres

La Sarah and Darrell as Lil Wayne

Vic as John Cena and La Sarah

La Sarah and my Coach, Josh

Update 3:  HSPU’s reared its ugly head again.  Once again, I cried and left me feeling totally defeated.  My coach Wes gave me a much-needed “Come to Jesus Meeting.”  Grrrr.  I have decided to start with cartwheels.  Think about it:  I’ll get used to the “going down movement,” supporting my weight and overcoming my fear of being upside down.  I think it can work.

Update 4:  I bought a size medium coat.  Yeah yuh!  Last year, I was wearing an x-large and I hate to admit this, but I was still wearing my maternity pea coat.  Again, why did I let myself get that out of control?  I am so thankful for CrossFit, my coaches and my RRCF family and let’s not forget my friends and family.  All of them together help keep me motivated.  So, if you’re reading…I’m in desperate need of some inspiration and motivation.  Not physical, but mental.  Help me get out of this funk!  I need to believe in myself again.

Well, that’s about it.  Holla!

Girls of CrossFit.

25 Jul

Soooo this hilarious video is making the rounds on Facebook. Take a few minutes and watch.



Yup, I’ve heard and said quite a few since starting my journey at RRCF.

I need more chalk.

Anybody have a hair band?

Wait, guys, I gotta pee!

Is the WOD up?

When’s the WOD gonna be up?

Is this Paleo?

What?!?! It’s my cheat meal!

Guys, I think I’m gonna puke! Ok, I’m fine!

Oh and I’m so glad Josh and Wes have spent EXTRA time teaching us out to “exit” the band properly.

I hope y’all enjoy! I know I did. 🙂

Farewell, Chandler!

18 Jun

Bittersweet day.  Chandler started his new coaching job at a box in Birmingham today.  He’s an awesome coach – helpful, funny and encouraging.

Chandler at Pound for Pound in Montgomery, AL

On Saturday, with help from several RRCF CrossFitters, we ended his time riiiiight!!!!  Typical Chandler was happy-go-lucky and lit up the dance floor!

Meghan, Chandler, Me

Chandler and Me

Good luck, Chandler!  We will all miss you!