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Did you drink the kool-aid?

17 Jan

Just about right, huh?

CrossFit Problems!


CF Cult

What’s in that Kool-Aid?

22 Jun

CrossFit is often referred to as a cult.  I can understand why CrossFit has acquired this label.  What person, in their right mind, voluntarily subjects themselves to the WODs and to eating like a caveman?  Gah, that’s just insane, right?!?!

I suppose you wouldn’t understand until you try it.  I drink the dang kool-aid at least three days a week and it tastes good!  I bet you’re asking yourself, “What exactly is in that kool-aid”?  Well, let’s have some fun and “create” my kool-aid.

Stephanie’s CrossFit Kool-Aid

1 packet of Encouragement

1 cup of Obsession

2 liters of Confidence

What’s in your kool-aid?