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No warmup??

31 Dec

Completing a workout without warming up = sore back, which = ringing in the new year on the couch.

CrossFit Problems.

Be sure to warmup and do mobility!!!

Happy NYE!!!!

In God We Thrust.

7 Aug

I told Josh Matlock this would be on my blog.  I do what I say.  So, here it is.

On the warm up board, the very last “warm up”, was 10-3 second hip raise holds.  Since I have never done a hip raise hold, I asked Wes how it should be done.  Wes tells me, “lay down on your back” then guides the attention of the 6:30 class for to me to “demonstrate” the hip raise hold.  I have had to step outside my comfort zone at RRCF.  Needless to say, I can barely do Zumba in a room by myself.  Those hip thrusts sort of make me uncomfortable.  Little by little, RRCF is helping me become more comfortable in my own skin.  Ok, back to the hip raise holds.  You lay on your back and thrust your hips up and hold for 3 seconds.  Obviously, I felt a tad bit uncomfortable.  After Wes tells me that the “thrusting” needed to be faster – I told him I needed a curtain or my own private room to perform these “hip raise holds.”  Wes replied, “there ain’t no Karma Sutra stuff goin on up in here.”  Thankfully, good ole Josh Matlock joined me for his hip raise holds.  I was grateful that I didn’t have to hump the air by myself.  We had a good laugh when Josh mentioned he was a good thruster.  And get your mind out tha gutter!  We’re talking about CrossFit here!

Man, I love CrossFit.

Fast forward through the horrible WOD, which Josh Carter should have made a Team WOD.  If only you could hear the conversations Josh and I have – they’re funny.  Most the time filled with expletives, but it’s all in good fun.  Whatever helps you get through the WOD, right??  And puhhhhleeeeezzzzze, don’t tell Wes you have to go to the bathroom.  He will announce that you’re handling b’ness…b’ness that’s usually done in the comfort of your own home.  Again, I LOVE CrossFit.  Ok, ok, ok – back to the story.  We’re doing mobility and McRib is on the board.  Most of us know that McRib is finding your pressure points on your back with a racquetball.  Well, Josh Matlock was thinking “McRib” from McDonalds.  Bahahahaha.  Hilarious.  Tonight was a fun night despite the WOD.  Nights like tonight make me love CrossFit, the people I work out with and my coaches even more.  It’s awesome.

As far as fitness goes – I push for people to try CrossFit – but I understand that it isn’t for everyone.  I really believe everyone can do it – it just may not be what you’re looking for, but if you’re reading this blog – find something you love and stick with it.  Do it for yourself and for the people you love.  You’ll never regret feeling better about yourself.  Well, that’s all for tonight.

Have a great night!!!