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Still here and still WODing.

20 Mar

Well…what can I say?  It has been a long time since I last posted on “i chalk it.”  My apologies to my followers.  I have had to deal with some personal issues and I still am unsure of how often this blog will be kept up-to-date.


All that aside, I do have great news.  I finally hit 40 pounds lost and slid into a size 10!  We started the Ravage at RRCF and I am so proud of all the Ravagers!  We are all working so hard to “activate, intensify and destroy!”  Remember a few months ago, when I had a major breakdown because of handstand pushups?  You’ll never guess who finally got their own handstand hold?!?!?!  What? What?  Yup, that would be Fletch.  And just in case you do not believe me, check out the picture below.  In addition, I am finally able to do 2 double unders in a row, but can actually link them together with a single back into a double!  Oh oh oh, and I got my 1 mile to 10:10, but since then ran 1/2 mile and decreased my time to 4:49!  Major improvement.  And, I PR’d on my power clean this week – up to 105!!



I am finally feeling like I am accomplishing goals in the box…I have even been able to WOD RX instead of scaled.  It is still surreal that CrossFit stuck when most everything else didn’t…it feels good to work hard for something and actually see results.


That’s all for now.  Keep on keeping on!


15 Jan

Hahaha! CrossFit Problems!!!


Fletch’s Year-End Review

21 Dec

Wow, what can I say?  2012 has been an amazing year.  I hit my 30 pound lost mark, lost 4 pant sizes and so many other milestones.  It has been one year since I first stepped foot into River Region CrossFit (RRCF).  If you remember my story, I started CrossFit as an overweight couch potato weighing in over 200 pounds.  When I first contacted Josh Carter, my now coach at RRCF, I was at rock bottom and on the edge of giving up.  It is difficult not to become emotional while talking about my journey because I NEVER thought it could be done.  You can ask most anyone who has known me for a long time; I’m notorious for starting something and not finishing it:  Atkins Diet, LA Weight Loss, Planet Fitness, Jazzercise…the list goes on.

There is something about CrossFit that grabs a hold of you and doesn’t let go; well, that is if you allow it to totally consume you.  If you give it a chance and actually try – and I mean try with all your body, mind and soul – you can do it and you’ll have nothing but benefits to reap from it.  In one year, I have formed new friendships, gained confidence in myself and learned to love myself again.  For years, I disliked the person I had become:  depressed, emotional and afraid.  It took courage that sometimes…I just did not have in order to put myself together and interact with friends.  I never felt like I truly fit in – I was always the “fat” girl.  There were sometimes I didn’t go to get-together’s or parties because I felt horrible about myself:  my clothes didn’t fit right or I was just anxious to be around others.  Everything about me was out of sorts, which resulted in eating more and doing less.  When I look back at pictures, I can’t believe “that Stephanie,” the one who ate uncontrollably and had little self-worth had gotten so out of control.

Since 2006, I have let each year pass with wants and wishes of losing weight.  Each summer, I would tell myself – this is it – this time next year, I’ll be comfortable in my bathing suit.  Each year passed and more weight was packed on and before I knew it, my size 18 pants were too small.  When I contacted Josh 12 months ago, I was serious about changing my life, but there was always this voice in my head telling me, “you can’t do it – you always give up and what makes you think things will be different this time?”  River Region CrossFit is what is different this time:  the coaches, friends, atmosphere, community…that’s what is different.

Now, here I am, a CrossFitter.  I may not be the best CrossFitter and lift the most weight, but I am doing far more than I ever done.  Every single day, week, month – there’s an improvement or a new milestone.  Rikki Rogers said, “Strength doesn’t come from what you can do.  It comes from overcoming things you once thought you couldn’t.”  And for me, the year of 2012 has been about overcoming things I couldn’t before.  For 2013, I want to expand on my goals and set new personal records.

But yes, I wear crazy looking shoes and I don’t go one day without mentioning something CrossFit.  My Facebook page is filled with CrossFit this and CrossFit that.  My ears are on auto-tune…it feels like I can hear “CrossFit” from a mile away and when I hear it, my heart starts beating and my pulse speeds up.  I get super excited.  Even if it isn’t my conversation and I don’t know the people, I want to join the conversation if it’s geared around CrossFit.  Yep, you can say I’m addicted.

For me, CrossFit is more than just lifting weight.  CrossFit has been the avenue for me to find myself and learn to love myself again.  I have gained confidence and self-worth.  RRCF is true to its’ slogan – it is the baddest box in the River Region and does redefine fitness.

I have the most amazing coaches:  Joshua Carter, Wesley Hodges, Larry Geddings, Stephen Roy, Chris Bailey, Bucky Stephens and I cannot forget Mandy and Jake Baker, and Chandler Merrill.  Each and every single one of these coaches have taught me something – a technique, the need to believe in myself, commit to the movement and more.  They have seen me nervous, irritated, ticked off, upset and crying like a baby.  Not once, have they stopped believing in me.

Now to the even better stuff, my personal records and max weights!

One Rep Max:

  • November 12, 2012, Push Jerk:  105 pounds from 55 pounds on May 9, 2012
  • November 12, 2012, Deadlift:  200 pounds from 65 pounds on January 26, 2012

Personal Records:

  • November 27, 2012, Back Squat:  115 pounds from 55 pounds on February 23, 2012
  • December 15, 2012, Front Squat:  105 pounds from 75 pounds on April 17, 2012
  • Grace at 75 pounds, completed in 5 minutes and 20 seconds
  • 20 inch box jumps
  • 55 pound snatch
  • 55 pound overhead squat
  • 5k run (without stopping) in 40:13 compared to not being able to run 400 meters without stopping one year ago.
  • June 2012:  Competed in Embrace the Gauntlet, a Garage Games CrossFit Competition

Weight Lost:  33 pounds

Inches Lost:

  • Upper Arm:  2.5 inches
  • Bust:  5 inches
  • Waist:  3.7 inches
  • Hips:  5.8 inches
  • Thighs:  3 inches
  • Calves:  0.5 inches
  • Ankles:  0.5 inches

Total Lost:  21 inches

December 2012

200 pound Deadlift

200 pound Deadlift

November 2012

2011 vs 2012!!!!

2011 vs 2012!!!!

October 2012 vs October 2011

2012 5k on left vs 2011 5k on right

2012 5k on left vs 2011 5k on right

October 2012

October 2012

Barbells for Boobs, Grace scaled @ 75 pounds.  Completed in 5 min 20 sec.

Barbells for Boobs, Grace scaled @ 75 pounds. Completed in 5 min 20 sec.

July 2012

My coach, Wes, and me.20 inch box jump.

My coach, Wes, and me.
20 inch box jump.

June 2012

Clean and Jerks @ Embrace the Gauntlet

Clean and Jerks @ Embrace the Gauntlet

The video that started it all – I had to “chalk my hands” for courage to jump that 20 inch box!

Wow – times have changed…

Oh and crazy shoes, see?!?!?!

Fletch's shoes.

Fletch’s shoes.

Thank you to all my coaches, family, friends and ichalkit followers – thank you for the motivation, inspiration and encouragement.  It has been such a great year.  I can’t wait to see what great things will happen in 2013!!!


18 Oct

My last post was about how I boo freaking hoo’ed at CrossFit on Tuesday.  Yesterday, I read some of my older posts and is unreal how a person can change in a few months.  I’ve mentioned it before and I’ll mention it again, CrossFit isn’t just about physical fitness, it is about breaking down those mental and emotional barriers to allow YOU to believe in yourself.  Little by little, I am becoming more confident in my skills.  I am believing in myself a little more each week.  It is tough, but I never expected it to be easy.


After my mini breakdown on Tuesday, I committed me – myself – and I to not letting it get me down.  I put behind the stares from falling on my head during HSPU’s and I showed up tonight determined to make that WOD my biatch, which I did.  Yes sir, I sure did!  And Josh Carter, if you are reading this, can we say progress?


Ok, so I am sure you’re wondering about tonight’s WOD, huh?

15 Clean and Jerks

Rest 1 minute

10 Clean and Jerks

Rest 1 minute

5 Clean and Jerks

Rest 1 minute

50 Deadlifts

30 lateral burpees

I was able to finish the 30 clean and jerks (at 75 pounds) in 8 minutes.  The entire WOD was completed under 20 minutes.


Don’t Wake Me Up…

20 Aug

…yes, the title is the same as a Chris Brown song.  And yes, it’s a love song, but for me it applies to what my life is now.  My life feels like a dream.  So, please don’t wake me up!

Tonight was a HUGE night.  I was seriously freaking out about the WOD for tonight.  I can handle power cleans and squat cleans, but when I read 1600 meter run – I was like, oh heck no!  I was trying to stay positive.  Rich and Josh Matlock were helping me stay positive – they’re really encouraging folks.

We completed our power cleans (finally made it up to 95 pounds, woot!) and it was time to run the 1600 meters – for time.  I started running and my breathing was getting out of control, but I kept telling myself – I CAN do this and I AM NOT going to stop.  400 meters done then it was 800 meters done and I’m still running…then, the breathing was manageable.  It finally dawned on me, I really CAN do this.  I’m not going to give up and man what a feeling it will be to actually run the entire 1600 meters straight.  As I’m running, I see my other fellow CrossFitters – they are also giving it all they’ve got.  We’re cheering each other on – we can do this.  And we did.  All of us.  We ran it straight.  My time for the 1600 meters was 12:11.  I stepped into the box and my coach, Josh, was like – FLETCH, you finished????  And I just nodded and started crying.  Man, what a feeling.  One more goal – accomplished.

Why was this a huge deal?  Well, back in January after CrossFitting for one month – I attempted to run the 5k at the Gump Games.  I had terrible shin splints and spent a little extra time with my coach, Josh, trying to fix the problem.  He taught me the correct way to run, but I still wasn’t strong enough to run most of it.  As I’m crying and walking the last part of the route, I see this woman – she came to find me – and she started walking with me.  Come to find out “she” was my coach’s, Wes, mom.  She kept telling me it was great that I was attempting the 5k.  We rounded the corner and then I see Wes.  They both walked with me to the finish line.  If that isn’t encouragement, I don’t know what it is.  THIS, is what CrossFit is about.  It’s about becoming part of a family – one that wants YOU to succeed.

Here’s a photo I put together.  The left photo (taken by Rich Matlock) was taken during the last leg of the 5k at the Gump Games and the right photo was taken tonight by my hubby.

Like I said, don’t wake me up.

Olympics and CrossFit.

30 Jul

I am super-duper, over the top, excited about the 2012 Olympics.  I have always enjoyed watching the Olympics.  During summer, my usual favorites are gymnastics, diving and swimming.  This year, I have added weightlifting to the list.

I downloaded the most awesome app today.  It allows me to view live feed of any sports category.  Obviously, I watched the weightlifting category today.  Amazing stuff.  The neatest part was watching Olympians doing the same stuff we do at RRCF.  Not only the clean and jerk, but also the “check list” as Josh and Wes call it.  For each lift, we have a check list:  check your feet, hand and head placement, squat position, etc.  I never doubted Josh or Wes, but it is so awesome to see it done by Olympians!

So, I have been watching weight lifting off and on today.  I arrive at the box and can’t help but feel giddy.  I am participating in a sport that is world-wide.  The stuff I do in Millbrook, Alabama, is being done by people in China and Kazakhstan.  Exciting stuff!

The WOD tonight was hard, but I felt strong.  There was a 30 minute cap and I completed it under the cap.  Deadlift weight:  95 pounds.

July 30, 2012

Warm up

200m Run

20 Squats

20 Kettle Bell Swings

20 Ham Swings

10 Hip Swings

10 Back Rolls

Hip Floss



Complete for time!

400m Run

30 Deadlifts

400m Run

25 Deadlifts

400m Run

20 Deadlifts

400m Run

15 Deadlifts


With help from Josh pushing me and others cheering, I completed the last 15 without stopping.  I must admit, it felt pretty darn good!

I just took a look at tomorrow’s WOD…umm…yeah, I shouldn’t have looked.  Wowza!


Feeling Good.

10 Jul

I am sure it is no surprise that tonight’s WOD was horrible.  Aren’t they always horrible?  But like a drug addict, I keep going back.  I’m glad that I’m actually addicted to something that isn’t killing my body.  CrossFit is reshaping my body, mind and soul and for that I am thankful.  Well, let’s get back to the WOD.

July 10, 2012






5 rounds of…

3 Deadlifts

3 Power Cleans


100 Situps

Wowza, right??  There’s a 10 minute cap on “Fran.”  I did my best, but couldn’t complete it under the 10 minute cap.  That’s ok, though.  I refuse to let it get me down because I did accomplish something I consider to be a big deal.  Remember the competition a few weeks ago, Embrace the Gauntlet?  Well, prior to and during the Gauntlet – I was unable to power clean 75 pounds.  This chick power cleaned 75 pounds tonight!  Funny thing is – I felt like I could do more.  Yup, excited.

I was also able to do the 100 sit ups without a problem.  I rested here and there, but I remember when it was tough just to do 40.  Improvements people, improvements!  Oh and Steph (my WOD partner) has started something.  You see, she was flexing her muscles at the box the other day.  Now…I’m flexing my muscles.  I had D feel my arm muscles while driving down the road and that “flapping in the wind” crap is about gone.  What?!?!?!  What?!?!?!

It feels good to be confident again.  Don’t misunderstand me though – I will always be anxious prior to a WOD and hating during it, but afterwards – it’s nothing but love!

Embracing the Gauntlet

26 Jun

Now that I have emotionally rambled about my experience at “Embrace the Gauntlet,” I thought I would share a few photos.  Enjoy.

Me before the competition.

20 pound ball slams.

Cleans and Jerks.

Cleans and Jerks.

RRCF Competitors.

Confidence, boo.

21 Jun

What is a boo?  It is a nickname/pet name for a girl.  At RRCF, you will hear “boo” a lot and no it isn’t to scare you.  🙂

When I started RRCF in December 2011, I had no confidence.  I suppose this isn’t surprising given my other posts.  Boy, I was in a world of hurt!  No motivation, confidence, will-power, drive or initiative to improve my overall health.

At RRCF, being confident is mandatory.  My first night attempting the power clean was horrid.  I remember Wes standing in front of me so close that I could lean over and touch him and then him telling me, “confidence, boo boo, confidence.”  I had a trainer bar plus 10 pound weights on each side.  I am thinking, “so…he wants me to pick this sucker up from ground level to my freaking neck and NOT hit him…yeah right.”  He continued to stand there and I lifted the weight, protecting it as though it would break and being careful not to hit him.  The entire WOD was about the power clean technique.  I had no confidence in myself to do it, but Wes had confidence in me.  By the end of that night, I was power cleaning.  It wasn’t perfect, but I did it.  I cannot explain to you the feeling of accomplishment!!

Funny thing is – even now as I am doing my power clean or other movements, I hear Wes’ voice saying, “confidence, boo boo, confidence.”

With everything you do – be confident and believe in yourself.  🙂

Please take note, “Confidence, boo boo, Confidence,” belongs to my coach, Wes.