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19 Aug

Here it is on Sunday.  I’m cleaning, washing and folding clothes.  As I’m folding clothes, I am having to make yet another pile of clothes that I can no longer wear.  This journey I’ve been on since December has been surreal.  I walk past the mirror and have to look again…is that really me?  It is so strange…

Times like this make me want to text my coaches or call them out on Facebook.  I am unsure if they realize just how much CrossFit has changed my life.  I am finally feeling like myself again.  It has been years since I’ve been here…where I am now.  This time I am healthier and have no plans of going back to where I was before.

So if you’re reading this Josh, Wes, Mandy, Jake or Chandler…I thank you all.  I thank you for being here and believing in me when I couldn’t, pushing me beyond my comfort zone and helping me realize that I have so much more life to live.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Turn that Switch off!

20 Jun

Let me help motivate you.

First, I will explain the relationship between my coach, Josh, and myself.  When I showed up at RRCF for my first work out, he encouraged – well, he made – me join RRCF BEFORE the 7 minute WOD.  I suppose by the tone of my long and sappy email, plus the phone conversation about my goals, he took MY best interest at heart.  From the beginning, I have been brutally honest with Josh and in turn he has been brutally honest with me.

Josh and I have these “come to Jesus” meetings.  Here’s how they come about:  I start feeling sorry for myself, over evaluate my progress and more than likely I begin crying.  Now, during these “come to Jesus” meetings – things get raw – and Josh just tells me like it is.  I take it because I know that he is reeling me back in for my own sake.  One of the best things Josh has told/taught me is to “turn the switch off” and to let go.  I am always worrying about what others are thinking about me (i.e., how’s my hair, what about my clothes, ugh – I look so fat, I bet people are making fun of me, I shouldn’t be wearing this, I’m going to look stupid, etc.).  After Josh told me to turn the switch off, I did and let go of wondering, worrying and stressing.  And you know what?  It felt awesome and a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders.  I can’t live my life worrying about what someone else is thinking about me.  I am Stephanie.  I work at my own pace and not the pace of others and I am working to recognize the progress I have made.

Do me a favor and turn that switch off!  Dance when you want to dance.  Sing when you want to sing.  Just be you.  🙂

Anger. Belief. Pride.

18 Jun

What do anger, belief and pride have in common? They all belong to my emotional and mental state during this journey of weight loss.

Anger: I often have to stop myself from being angry. Anger can become a massive emotional and mental block. You are probably asking, “Why would you be angry?” Well, to answer your question, I am angry for:

  1. allowing myself to gain 70 pounds
  2. thinking it was OK to be unhealthy
  3. making myself think it was all about losing weight
  4. feeling sorry for myself

Belief: What do I believe? I believe we can all tackle this obsession with weight. We need to stop thinking, “Oh, I just want to be skinny” and transform our thinking to “I just want to be healthy and strong.” When I started CrossFit, I quickly realized that I DID NOT believe in myself, but you know what? My coaches and fellow CrossFitters believed in me. In CrossFit, you are constantly pushing yourself and breaking down those barriers of unbelief.

Pride: We all need to be proud of ourselves and our accomplishments. Please do not confuse pride with arrogance because they are different! And what am I proud of:

  1. Running a mile in 13:16 (my coach, Josh, taught me how to run)
  2. Walking up three levels of stairs without becoming winded (I sometimes run!)
  3. Biking 12 miles (wowza, right?)
  4. Swinging a 35 pound kettle bell
  5. Deadlifting 155 pounds
  6. Pull ups with just a blue band (huge deal here, people!)
  7. Doing 40 sit ups without taking a break

The list can go on and on, but I’ll stop at 7. I am far more proud of myself than angry. Sure, I have off days and feel like I am too weak to do a WOD, but I show up and get it done.

I love the way CrossFit makes me feel: strong, healthy and proud.