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Sleds are for Gravel?

24 Jul

Good grief.  Monday’s WOD was insane!  I had two great partners and we gave it our all!

July 23, 2012

20 HSPU “Buy-in”

Team WOD

Complete As Many Reps of each movement…

30 Minute AMRAP!

Sled Pulls

KB Swings

Box Jumps

Here’s our system:  1 teammate started with the sled pulls and while she was “pulling,” one teammate was “box jumping” and other was “kettle belling.”  We continued our system that way no teammate was completing the sled pulls and then going directly to the box jumps.  We thought it worked well.

By the end, our team completed the following reps:  13 sled pulls, 165 kb swings and 154 box jumps.  We were beat!  Oh and the sled pulls were done in our parking lot, which is gravel.